Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dangers of the use of cell phones at Hospitals

Katina and I were hanging out at the hospital playing with our overly sized cell phones outside since we were restricted of using them inside. Stupid me caused myself to get hurt. See in this picture how Katina was trying so hard to save and rescue me?..Yeah...I will never forget this moment. Luckily I have such good friends that would push me out of the way of falling objects and into traffic...oh...did you notice also that she was pushing me in the drive way and into the street so she can take the hit?....yeah ain't she so nice to risk herself for my life?...I would so do the same for her. Huggies! LOL Oh and incase you all are wondering...that blood on the pavement ain't mine..I don't know how that got there...honestly. Watch your step.
Title by Katina Cazalet.
We are such goof balls lol.